Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to all Cross Mountain Wine Club members. You agree to these terms when you sign up to be a wine club member.

  • You certify that you are 21 years of age or older and understand an adult (over 21) signature is required at delivery.
  • You agree that your credit card will be charged automatically in advance of each allocation and the purchase is non-refundable. Cross Mountain Vineyards is not responsible for overdraft fees.
  • You understand you will not receive any advance notification prior to processing my payment.
  • You agree if a deposit is collected they are non-refundable and will be applied to my first shipment or forfeited if I cancel. 
  • You must notify Cross Mountain Vineyards at least 10 days prior to club processing with any changes or cancellations.
  • You must notify Cross Mountain Vineyards via email at
    wineclub@crossmountainvineyards.com to make changes or cancel a membership.
  • You are responsible for any shipping, return and re-shipping costs.
  • You agree that if you select “pick-up” my wine, you agree to pick up your wine within 30 days of processing date to guarantee receiving the wines processed. If not picked up within 30 days, some or all wines may be replaced with different vintages or like wines in stock. Wines not picked up or requested to be shipped after 90 days from billing date are considered relinquished.
  • Custom 6 or 12 Wine Club members may have replacement wines for those out of stock at time of club run.
  • I agree to accept and make payment for the next two scheduled wine club shipments. There is a $250 cancellation fee if you cancel prior to the second shipment. A $100 cancellation fee will also be applied for customers that have utilized club benefits after their latest shipment.
  • If you choose to change from Ship to Pickup, your shipping fee will be applied to the restocking fee. All refunds will include a restocking fee of 20%.

Wine-Specific Conditions

Legal Requirements

You must be 21 years of age or older, to order or receive alcoholic beverages from Cross Mountain Vineyards. Receipt of shipments containing alcoholic beverages requires the signature of a sober adult (a person 21 years of age or older who is not intoxicated). Wines purchased from Cross Mountain Vineyards  are not for resale, and are for personal consumption only.

Credit Card Charges

Orders are by credit card only. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Minimum Purchase

No minimum purchase is required.

States Authorized for Direct Shipment

Due to the ever-changing nature of wine shipping laws, we are be able to ship wines, directly or indirectly, to Texas. If Cross Mountain Vineyards is unable to ship directly to your state, we can arrange for the sale and shipment of our products through a third party. Please note, when dealing through a third party, wine prices, discounts, and shipping costs may differ from those quoted by Cross Mountain Vineyards.

Shipping Costs

UPS is Cross Mountain Vineyards carrier of choice. Ground shipping is provided by UPS at current market rates. *Note – If the customer selects another shipping carrier, the customer pays all shipping charges, regardless of his or her wine club membership or purchase amount.

Any fees due to returns (est.$46), incorrect address (est.$20) or change in address (est.$20) will be paid by customer.

Wine is a Delicate Commodity

Wine is a perishable commodity. Wine does not like extremes of temperature: hot humid summer and cold winter weather may adversely affect the condition of your wine during shipment. Cross Mountain Vineyards is not responsible for, and will not replace wine that is damaged by extreme weather conditions during shipment. When your wine order is picked up by the common carrier for delivery, responsibility for the wine becomes the responsibility of the purchaser.