Rare Wine Tasting 3-9 Bottle

Rare Wine Tasting 3-9

Italian Education Classes

Pinot Grigio “Ramato”
Learn all about this rare wine with Ellie our in-house sommelier.

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Pairing – Bruschetta Caponata
Take Home Gift – Recipe: La Caponata

“Rare” Factor
The Pinot Grigio grape native to France, is not rare. The process used to create this
unique wine is. The ancient process of macerating the grape on the skin and fermenting
in a clay pot versus more contemporary fermenting processes is making a comeback.
The product is a luscious and pallet coating amber colored wine aptly named “ramato”
for its coppered hue. Great for vegetarian dishes on account of its acidity!

About this event
Participants will enjoy a hand-picked pairing to complement each wine along with instruction on how to pair for a full cooking experience based on the styles of the particular region the wine is from. The educational class will also provide a small gift to add to your Italian cooking collection.

Due to the rarity of these wines, only at the time of the educational class will attendees have the opportunity to purchase these wines.


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