Experience Rare Tastes of Italy at Cross Mountain Vineyards

Cross Mountain Vineyards will be offering tasting classes on rare wines of Italy bi-monthly beginning March 9, 2020.

Fredericksburg, Texas ​— Experience rare wines of Italy at Cross Mountain Vineyards bi-monthly on Mondays beginning in March.
The introductions to these rare wines of Italy will be by in-house sommeliers, Rick & Ellie Crabtree and other industry professionals from the vineyards where these rare wines are produced. Each monday evening will highlight a single wine produced in Italy and delve into what makes them truly unique and considered “rare”.

Participants will enjoy a hand-picked pairing to complement each wine along with instruction on how to pair for a full cooking experience based on the styles of the particular region the wine is from. The educational class will also provide a small gift to add to your Italian cooking collection.

“We come across rare wines all the time while in Italy,” said Karen Evans, owner of Cross Mountain Vineyards. “The small quantities does not allow us to offer them to everyone, sharing them with an educational experience was the best way to understand the complexity and rarity of these wines.”

Rare wines will include specially vinted, single grape, or hyper-regional wines featured from select vineyards of Italy.

“We have wines that are made from one grape only grown in the piedmont region that is grown now where else, wines that are created in unique ways, and small batch wines from the deepest parts of Italy” said Ellie Crabtree, in-house sommelier at Cross Mountain Vineyards.

Due to the rarity of these wines, only at the time of the educational class will attendees have the opportunity to purchase these wines.

List of dates and limited Reservations are available online at www.crossmoutainvineyards.com/tickets or at the Tasting Room at 308 E Main St, in downtown Fredericksburg, TX. Cost of each class is $50/person, buy 4 classes (per person) and receive a rare wine bottle of your choice.

About Cross Mountain Vineyards
Cross Mountain Vineyards Italian Tasting Room is located in Downtown Fredericksburg, Texas on Main street. Owners Doug and Karen Evans have set out to bring the best wines of Italy to Texas by traveling through the unknown parts of Italy. From their travels they bring home only small batch, artesian wines, exclusive to Cross Mountain Vineyards.
Descendants of the first winemaker in Fredericksburg, German immigrant John Christian Durst, the Evans continue a long tradition of bringing the values of faith, family and friends together over a good glass of wine.

Rock Visions by Lisa Barkley

Exclusively to the Cross Mountain Vineyards Tasting Room

Lisa Barkley Rock Visions Artist
Lisa Barkley, Rock Visions Artist is showcased at Cross Mountain Vineyards Tasting Room in Downtown Fredericksburg, Tx.

Fueled by a spiritual desire to find her purpose in the art world, artist Lisa Barkley left corporate America in 1995 and founded Rock Visions in 2000.

Combining the ageless medium of natural stone with the symbolism of the cross to fashion one of a kind crosses and abstract art. Lisa, with Beau Barkley her son and her team gather slate, flagstones, crystals, minerals, and semi-precious stones from vendors across the U.S. that bring in stone from regions all over the world.

Rock Visions also creates abstracts, fountains, stone tables, crystal beveled mirrors, picture frames and stone room groupings in a myriad of sizes, and prices for residential and commercial interior designs. Every piece is handcrafted in the Austin Hill Country.

Rock Visions is a unique stone art company that fashions one of a kind crosses, abstracts, and stone artwork ranging in size from 6 inches to 10 feet or more. It encompasses freestanding and wall hanging crosses as well as abstracts for commercial and residential design.

May the creation remind you of our creator.

“We are very excited to have Lisa’s art featured in our Wine Tasting Room. She really compliments are focus of Faith, Friends, and Family,” said owner, Karen Evans.

Come shop Lisa’s unique sculptures while enjoying a glass of fine Italian wine at Cross Mountain Vineyards in Downtown Fredericksburg, Tx.

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Pruneti Olive Oils are here!

Try Pruneti Olive Oils at Cross Mountain Vineyards Tasting Room in Fredericksburg, TX.


For over 160 years 365 days a year The Pruneti family has been taking care of olive groves.

Each fruit of their 26000 plants tells a unique Italian story that can only happen in Chianti in the heart of Tuscany.

Trough the combined teachings of their grandparents with continuous research and cutting-edge technology Pruneti olives can give all their generous heart and character with extra virgin olive oils rich in nuances.

Land, air, water, and fire, this is the secret behind Tuscany’s Pruneti soul. Enjoy this extraordinary experience.

Buy Pruneti Olive Oils in our Tasing Room or online.

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